Shake, Bezoar, Shake!

Best attempt ever at squeezing every ha’penny from the bezoar for WCBN’s 2015 Fundraiser. The best part was my singing Bjork impersonation (which I was asked to repeat later on the LMS).


Skinny Puppy: Love, Mind the Perpetual Intercourse
PJ Harvey: Yuri G, 4 Track Demos
American Analog Set: The Only One, Know by Heart
Pink Floyd: Bike, Piper At The Gates of Dawn
Kid 606: Buffalo 606-The Morning After, Down with the Scene
Fred Frith: Their Blood is Black And Yellow, Accidental
Henry Kaiser: Devil In The Drain
The Books: All Bad Ends All, Thought For Food
Blues Control: Rest On Water, Local Flavor
Bjork: Family, Vulnicara
My Bloody Valentine, To Here Knows When, Loveless
Miss Murgatroid: Hellhole, Myoclyonic Melodies
Joan La Barbara: Cathing, Tapesongs (also bonus “Lightning Comes in Flashes”)
Morton Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier: Smoke, Music for Piano and Violin
Aphex Twin: DISKPREPT1, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments EP 2
Peter Whitehead: Tunnel of Love, Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones…
Goat: Goatman, World Music
Meridian Brothers: La Gitana Me Ha Dejado, Desesperanza
Negativland: What’s Music?, Hate People Like Us
John Carpenter: The Devil Awakens, Prince of Darkness OST


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