Captain’s Cap



Subway: Harmonia, Subway II (soul jazz)
Goliath Bird Eater (feat. Nels Cline): Blood Silk Road, Sasqroch split ep (not not fun)
The Dead C: Fake Electronica (language)
Slava Ranko: Golden Peaches, Arctic Hysteria (adolescent)
Roger Manning Jr. & Brian Reitzell: Lara’s Rainbow, Logan’s Sanctuary (emperor norton)
Bo Hansson: At the House of Elrond & The Ring Goes South, Lord of the Rings (resource)
Fever Ray: I’m Not Done (mute)
Gerhard Potuznik: Fingered by Numbers, Concorde (cheap)
Iannis Xenakis: Orient-Occident III, Electro Acoustic Music (nonesuch)
Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra: Clay Hills Cop, Plays Aphex Twin (mukow)
Bjorn Olsson: Minnesstund, Instrumental Music (omplatten)
Manuel Gottsching: Deep Distance, New Age of Earth (mg art)
Harmonia: Ohrwurm, Musik von Harmonia (brain)
Hauschka: Nadelwald, Ferndorf (fatcat)
Shull: Tell The Bees, The Branch Will Not Break (umbrella)
Grouper: You Never Came, Cover the Windows and the Walls (root strata)


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