Lady Meggmalade

1/21/15 “Wow I can’t believe I’m updating this fucking thing!”


Mohamed Rafi: Jan Pahechan Ho, Doob Doob O’Rama (qdk)
Henry Flynt & Nova’ Billy: Double Spindizzy (locust)
Mogwai: Tell Everybody That I Love Them (sub pop)
Sanso-Xtro: Hello Night Crow, Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain (digitalis)
Ryan Huber: Cassara, Four Pi (self-released)
Rhythm and Noise: Slug Path, Chasm’s Accord (asphodel)
Clark: There’s A Distance in You (warp)
Tapes and Topographies: The Blind Stenographer (simulacra)
Craig Burk: The History of Decency (exerpt), The Various Edges (illusion production)
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Anger (Talvin Singh remix), Split (ninja tune)
Dying Ground: Ascension into the Heavens (avant)
Salvatore Martirano: L’s GA (polydor)
Jan St. Werner: Schwazade, Miscontinuum Album (thrill jockey)
Jaga Jazzist: Lithuania, ’94-’14 (ninja tune)
Nots: White Noise, We Are Nots (goner)


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