Henry the Cow

I caught Fred Frith live at Trinosophes last Saturday night. He was brilliant. Better than John Cage with a guitar. Having reserved seats really helped, also ours were closer to the front.

No, he doesn't look like this anymore.

No, he doesn’t look like this anymore.

Had fun with the playlist, inspired by Frithdom.

Institut fuer Feinmotorik: #4 (side), Negemergenz (fusetron)
ZNR: Naive Description de la Formation d’un Sentiment, Barricade 3 (ReR)
Polvo: Snake Fist Fighter (jesus christ)
EEK: untitled, Live at the Cairo High Cinema Institute (Nashazphone) [THIS RULES, IF YOU CAN FIND IT, DO!]
Milford Graves: Unification, Grand Unification (tzadik)
Verplanken: Looking for the Sun, The Missing Tracks (marie-line t discovery)
Plastics: Cards, Welcome Back (island)
Deerhoof: Littleness, Halfbird (menlo park)
Stephen Vitiello & David Tronzo: Long Walk (for Slow Loris), Scratchy Monsters, Laughing Ghosts (new albion)
Farewell My Concubine: Scumbag, American Telepathic Scumbag (hot releases)
Henry Cow: Teenbeat Reprise, The Henry Cow Legend (virgin)
Art Bears: Joan, Hopes and Fears (ReR)
Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser: Roy Rogers, Friends and Enemies (cuneiform)
Fred Frith: Canadian Psycho, All Is Bright But It Is Not Day (dame)
Burnt Skull: Uniform, Sewer Birth (12xu)
The Casket Girls: Chemical Dizzy, True Love Kills The Fairy Tale (graveface)
The Blow: A Kiss (kanine)
Underworld: Pearls Girl, Second Toughest In The Infants (wax trax)
Peace Orchestra: The Man Part One (g-stone)


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