Beat the SHEZOAR!


Sure, yeah, we’ll have lunch next week. Bye!

Fundraiser 2014!! I had fun…but the phones, they did not ring terribly much. Still, is nice to be the DJ’s DJ.

2/12/14 [special all-female-electronic edition]
Clara Rockmore: Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentimentale, The Art of the Theremin
Pamelia Kurstin: Barrow in Furness, Thinking Out Loud (tzadik)
Bebe & Louis Berron: Bells of Atlantis, An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music VII (subrosa)
Laurel Halo: MK Ultra, Quarantine (hyperdub)
Wendy Carlos: Incantation, Beauty in the Beat (audion)

ziwzih ziwzih w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t!

ziwzih ziwzih w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t!

Delia Derbyshire: Pot au Feu, BBC Radiophonic Music (bbc)
Pauline Oliveros: Bottoms Up, Reverberations (important)
Pauline Oliveros: Bye Bye Butterfly, OHM Early Gurus of Electronic Music (ellipsis arts)
Andrea Parker: Melodious Thunk, Kiss My Arp (mo wax)
Laurie Anderson: New York Social Life, Women in Electronic Music (cri)
Glynis Jones: Veils and Mirrors, The Radiophonic Workshop (bbc)
Peaches: Diddle My Skittle, Teaches of Peaches (kitty yo)
Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins: Jezebel, Phantom Orchard (mego)
Neotropic: Aloo Gobi, 15 Levels of Magnification (n tone)
Daphne Oram: Episode Metallic, Oramics (paradigm)
Neutral: Hey Ash, Where are We? (chromosome)
Mira Calix: Skin with Me, Oneonone (warp)
Suzanne Ciani: Princess with Orange Feet, Lixiviation (b-music)
Bjork: An Echo A Stain, Vespertine (wea)
Leila: Time to Blow, Blood Looms and Blooms (warp)
AGF: Chorizon, Westernization Completed (orthlorng musork)
Grouper: Opened Space, Cover the Windows and the Walls (root strata)
Tujiko Noriko: Tokyo, From Tokyo to Niagara (tomlab)


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