I’m behind. It’s summer, godAWFUL hot ‘n humid. Plus this week is Art Fair so my daily grind just got grindier.

I give you last night’s playlist: a jazz rotomontade. The preferred soundtrack for hot pavement-maneuvering through sweaty bodies and that moment cold water hits your face. Yesterday was also the anniversary of John Coltrane’s demise.


Ornette Coleman: Focus on Sanity, The Shape of Jazz to Come
Jerome Cooper: Movement C, The Unpredictability of Predictability
Anthony Braxton: “a slowly sloping triangle” (cut 2, side b), Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Marion Brown: Porto Novo
Fritz Hauser: Der Pendler, Solo Drumming
Henry Kaiser: The Shadow Line, Aloha
John Coltrane: Saturn, Intersellar Space
Alice Coltrane: Something About John Coltrane, Journey in Satchidananda
Daunik Lazro: Sweet Zee (exerpt)
Cecil Taylor: (cut 2, side b), One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye
William Parker: Pok-a-Tok, Long Hidden: The Olmec Series
Charlie Parker: Bird of Paradise, 1949 Concert
Roscoe Mitchell: Out There, Duets w/Tyshawn, Sorey & Hugh Ragin


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