Turning The Igneous Tables


Ariel Pink: Cry Yourself to Sleep, Thrash and Burn (human ear)
Black Mayo: Our Sense Are Mysteries To Us…, Dissipative Structure (fedora corpse)
Paul Velat; Megadrone in B Flat, Urchin (stop/eject)
Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics, Immunity (domino)
Mal Waldron Quintet: One-Upmanship (inner city)
LCD Soundsystem: Get Innocuous, Sound of Silver (capitol)
Rachels: Wally Egon & Models in the Studio, Music for Egon Schiele (quarterstick)
Sergei Kvitko: The Dead Travel Fast, Dracula (blue griffin)
John Vorus: Swampland Dub, Transmuting Currents (ambient distillery)
Chris Abrahams: Stablize Ruined, Memory Night (room40)
Kid 606: Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie-Punk Whiteboy Ass, Down with the Scene (ipecac)
Dominions: Train (autotonic)
303 Committee: Opium King (inam)
Melorman: Girls in the 70s, Waves (sun sea sky)
Boards of Canada: Reach for the Dead, Tomorrow’s Harvest (warp)
Yuma Nora: Lake Drowning, Jewels in the Snakepit (not not fun)
Physics: The Keep, Spectramorphic Iridescence (digitalis)
Guy Klucesvek & John King: All Together Now, Manhattan Cascade (composer’s recordings)
Robert Musso: Music of the Spheres, Absolute Music (mu n.y.)
Sam Rosenthal: Rae, The Passage (projekt)


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