I Gather, You Lather


Controlled Bleeding: Firelight (pts 1 & 2), Hog Floor (subterranean)
Richard Burmer: The Serum, Electronic Vignettes (fortuna)
Tom Jones and Sean Connery: What’s New PUSSYcat
PJ Harvey and John Parish: Is That All There Is?, Dance Hall at Louse Point (island)
Optiganally Yours: The Outer Space, Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker (absolutely kosher)
Bjork: Amphibian (film mix), Being John Malkovich OST (astralwerks)
Tom Furse/Goat: Run To Your Mama (extrapolation mix), RTYM Remixes vol 1 (rocket)
Jean Claude Vannier: Le Roi Des Mouches et La Contifuture De Rouse, L’Enfant Assasin Des Mouches (b-music)
Air: Sonic Armada, Le Voyage Dans La Lune (astralwerks)
Lucky Dragons: Snowing Circle, Widows (marriage)
Matthew Burtner: d2 (edit), Wire Tapper 12
Justin Walter: Plastic People, Lullibies and Nightmares (kranky)
Peter Broerick and Machinefabriek: Session I, Mort-Aux+Vaches (vpro)
Howlround: Side 1, The Ghosts of Bush (curved)
Xinlisupreme: Under a Clown, Tomorrow Never Comes (fatcat)
Dayjoy: Talks of Terror, Go to Sleep Mess (small plates)
Conure: Some Vowel Abstinence, The Generation of Our Grandfathers (edgetone)
Brother JT: I Still Like Cassettes, The Svelteness of Boogietude (thrill jockey)
David Grubbs: I Started to Live When My Barber Died, The Plain Where The Palace Stood (drag city)
Baptist Generals: 3 Bromides, Jackleg Devotional To The Heart (subpop)
Unstable: To Speak To Listen, The Liturgy of Ghosts (family vineyard)


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