Happy Birthday, Herman Blount!

Sun Ra: Twin Stars of Thence, Lanquidity (evidence)
Brian Turner: Disco Hiroshima, WFMU Reinterprets the Music of Sun Ra (wfmu)
Atlas Sound: Quick Canal, Logos (kranky)
Belaboris: Kolme Askelta (demo), Once Upon a Time… (dark entries)
Kesinee Na Banrai: Lam PLearn Isan Lang, Theppabutr Productions: The Man Behind the Molam Sound 1972-1975 (light in the attic)
Happy New Year: Summer (svn sns)
Ilhan Mimaroglu: La Ruche, an Elegy for Electromagnetic Tape, Agitation (locust)
Loop 2.4.3: Dark Matter, Zodiac Dust (music starts from science)
The Books: Thank-You Branch, Thought for Food (tomlab)
John King: Sweet Hardwood (exerpt), Ethel (cantaloupe)
Harvey Goldman: Singing with Slit Tongue, Speaking with Shadows (la la music)
Motorpsycho: Mutiny!, The Death Defying Unicorn (rune grammofon)
Chelsea Light Moving: Mohawk (matador)
Guided By Voices: Taciturn Cave, English Little League (gbv, inc.)
Ulrich Schnauss: Broken Homes, A Long Way to Fall (domino)
Cosmin TRG: Gordian (weapons)
Faze Miyake: 5000, Grime 20 (big dada)
Jim Haynes: November, The Wires Cracked (editions mego)


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