scrabble rousers



Peter Greenaway: Drowning by Number 2, Drowning by Numbers (virgin)
The Plugz: Reel Ten, Repo Man (san andreas)
Mike Vargas: Triads, Whispering the Turmoil Down (s-r)
The Harmonic Choir: Part IV Gravity Waves (end), Hearing Solar Winds (ocora)
Gerritt and John Wiese: a.2., Panoramic Glass and Mirror (misanthropic agenda)
Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Code of Hammurabi, All of Them Witches (rune grammofon)
Netshaker: Phone Away, I’m So Cold (kill shaman)
Bibio: Look at Orion!, Silver Wilkinson (warp)
Loop 2.4.3: Sakura (we must love), American Dreamland (music starts from silence)
Demo Moe: Something Will Rise, Demolish NYC (maldoror)
Matmos: Tunnel, The Marriage of True Minds (thrill jockey)
Physics: The Keep, Spectramorphic Iridescence (digitalis)
Robert Hollis & Christopher Schwartz: Relentless, 11 x 2 (perimeter)
Random Touch: Some Where, Duologue (roadnoise productions)
Volcano the Bear: Digging for Opera, One Burned Ma (misra)
The Flaming Lips: The Terror (wea)
Nino Porto: L’etna in Eruzione (per Organo Elettronico), LSD (as disc)
Sun City Girls: It’s Ours, Eye Mohini (abduction)
Sanso-Xtro: Hello Night Crow, Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain (digitalis)
Deerhunter: Nitebike, Monomania (4ad)
Sujo & Sun Hammer: Hari, Fistula (inam)
Pan American: Fifth Avenue 1960, Cloud Room Glass Room (kranky)
fwy!: Irvine, Any Exit (moon glyph)


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