Vituperating Light Bulb



A.R. Kane: Dizzy, 69 (rough trade)
Black Sabbath: Planet Caravan, Paranoid (wea)
Jimaji: Oorutaichi, Hard Marchen in Osaka (nazna oiran)
Wolf Eyes: Chattering Lead, No Answer-Lower Floors (de stijl)
Mandible Chatter: From Whence and to Whither, Hair Hair Lock & Lore (russell)
Broadcast: Collatina is Coming, Berberian Sound Studio (warp)
Jacky Apple: The Mexican Tapes, side 2 (one-ten)
Lush: Light From a Dead Star, Gala (4ad)
Wavves: Mystic, Afraid of Heights (wea)
Adult.: A Day Like Forever, The Way Things Fall (ghostly)
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Lunar Camel, Kaleidoscope (geffen)
Henry Kucharzyk: Play Dot Sam, Walk the Line: Three New Works (artifact music)
Helen Money: Everything I Am Thinking, In Tune (radium)
Milford Graves: Gathering, Grand Unification (tzadik)
Low: Lazy, I Could Live in Hope (vernon yard)
Quicksails: Dancing By Yourself, Mayville (spectrum spools)
Eugene Carchesio: side A, Circle Music II (room40)
Legowelt: Strange Girl, Classics (bunker)
From The Mouth of The Sun: My Skin Drinks Light that has Passed Through Leaves, Woven Tide (experimedia)
La Mystere des Voix Bulgares: Tri Shopski Pesni, Vol. 4 (fontana)
Meredith Monk: Do You Be, New Series (ecm)
Joan La Barbara: Thunder, Tape Songs (ecm)


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