Post-Tea Pardon



Sonic Youth: Expressway to Yr Skull, Evol (sst)
Van Allen Belt: Songs (veronica plume)
The Knife: Raging Lung, Shaking the Habitual (brille)
Wax Idols: When it Happens, Discipline + Desire (slr)
Robert Fripp: Urban Landscape, Exposure (e.g.)
Suuns: Music Won’t Save You, Images du Futur (secretly canadian)
!!!: Careful, Thr!!!er (warp)
Matthew Dear: Tide, Backstroke (ghostly/spectral)
Black Pus: A Better Man, All My Relations (thrill jockey)
Fridge: Oram, The Sun (temporary residence)
Petra Haden: Carlotta’s Galop, Petra Goes to the Movies (anti)
Ishi: Moon Watcher, Digital Wounds (internal)
Boundary: Long Story Short (noboundary)
Nommo Ogo: In the Inbetween, Endless Dream (record label)
Brain Science: Looper Trooper (basic training mix), This is Ovenguard, vol. 3 (ovenguard)
So Percussion: Melody Composition: Evan Ziporyn (cantaloupe)
Material: I’m the One, Change the Beat (The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987) (strut)
Umberto: The Summoning, Confrontations (not not fun)
Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: Photon, Elements of Light (rough trade)
Sonogram: Bloom, How We Saw Tomorrow (simulacra records)


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