Volare Goggles


Autechre: Recks On, Exai (warp)
Destruction Unit: Druglore, Void (jolly dream)
The Smiths: Oscillate Wildly, Louder Than Bombs (sire)
Fall of Saigon: She Leaves Me all Alone (dark entries)
Momus: What Will Death be Like, The Poison Boyfriend (creation)
Wendy Carlos’ Digital Moonscapes: Luna, An Evolutionary Synthesizer Tour de Force (cbs)
Lilacs and Champagne: Alone Again and…, Danish & Blue (mexican summer)
Locust: Do Not Fear, You’ll Be Safe Forever (editions mego)
Colin Stetson: Hunted, New History Warfare vol. 3: To See More Light (constellation)
Pril Smiley: Kolyosa, Pioneers of Electronic Music (new world)
Sujo: Peste, Ondan (inam)
No Joy: Blue Neck Riviera, Wait to Pleasure (mexican summer)
Quicksails: Night Bats, Mayville Dream (spectrum spools)
Masayoshi Fujita: Snow Storm, Stories (flau)
Voice of Eye & Thomas Dimuzio: Themisto, The Unveiling of Darkness (record label)
Keiji hano, Oren Ambarchi, Jim O’Rourke: Even That Still Here and Unwanted Can You and I Love it? Just like Us it was Born Here Too, Now While it’s Still Warm Let us Pour in all the Mystery (black truffle)
agf: Digital Yoik, Source Voice (l-ne)
Burr Van Nostrand: Light and Edgy Placid, Voyage in a White Building 1 (new world)
Dead Can Dance: Sanvean, In Concert (pias america)
Fluorescent Grey: Ambiente, The Harmoniums Reside in the Caverns of Mercury (record label)
Akio Suzuki & Lawrence English: Eucalyptus Signata, Boombana Echoes (winds measure recordings)
Netochka Nezvanova: Poztgenom!knuklearporekomplekz Strewth (synaesthesia)


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