Saving Shaving


Ravi Shankar: Anxiety, Transmigration Macabre (varese sarabande)
Black Mayo: The Drunken Stupor of the Waking World, Dissipative Structure (fedora corpse)
Primitive Motion: Flow Form, Two Ellipses (a guide to saints)
Robert Ashley: The Backyard, Private Parts (lovely music)
Purling Hiss: She Calms Me Down, Water on Mars (drag city)
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus: Wooing the Oracle, Didymoi Dreams (rune grammofon)
Tom Hamilton, Rich O’Donnell, J.D. Parran: Crimson Sterling, Formal & Informal Music (sommth)
Boats: Raindrops version, Our Small Ideas (flau)
Nine Nine: A Man with a Spherical Timepiece Stares Upward, Homeward (ovrg)
Pere Ubu: Feuksley Ma’am, the Hearing, Lady from Shanghai (fire)
Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo, Balazs Major: Infinite Secret Resolve, Becoming (greydisc)
Panda Riot: Golden Age, Northern Automatic Music (saint marie)
Liz Christine: Rain, Sweet Mellow Cat (flau)
Barn Owl: Void Redux, V (thrill jockey)
Buke and Gase: General Dome (brassland)
Parenthetical Girls: The Common Touch, Privilege (slender means society)
Natural Snow Buildings: Order of the Dreamt, The Snowbringer Cult (ba da bing)


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