I remember it all



The Hecks: The Time I Play with my Puppy, 7″ (moniker)
Kid Spatula: Vampires (reflective)
PVT: Casual Success, Homosapien (spark & opus)
Karl Berget vs. Les Gammas: Discipline 100, Compost 100 (compost)
Laurie Anderson: Talk Normal, Home of the Brave (wea)
Jan Steele & John Cage: All Day, Voices and Instruments (antilles)
Arrington de Dionyso: Tak Terbatas, Open the Crown (k)
Brian Eno: Prophecy Theme, Dune (polydor)
Doldrums: Lesser Evil (arbutus)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Mermaids, Push the Sky Away (bad seed)
Crash Worship: Discordia, What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth-Do It With All Thine Might (rocco fresno)
Tenko, Ikue Mori: Confession, Death Praxis (what next?)
Hertta Lussa Assa: Cocktail of Life Fluids (de stijl)
Hoahio: Sea Wall III (tzadik)
Daniel Steven Crafts: The Art of Hearing, Soap Opera Suite (lutra recordings)
Eddie the Rat: Consciousness isn’t Necessary (seeland)
Wire: Eels Sang, Change Becomes Us (pinkflag)
Test Dept.: Chillo (Sunrise), Totality (invisible)
Bill Laswell: Night City, Version 2 Version A Dub Transmission (roir)
hudpucker: rogue wave (s/r)
Emaciator: Perseverence, Coveting (not not fun)
The Caretaker: Camaraderie at Arms Length: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (history always favours the winners)
El Fog: Smoke and Satellites, Reverberate Slowly (flau)
Stygian Stride: Taiga (thrill jockey)
Fol Chen: 200 Words, False Alarms (asthmatic kitty)
Low: Plastic Cup, The Invisible Way (sub pop)


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