A cup of Vernal?


Dammit, it’s spring! Winter, begone! (and take your ice Buick with you!) BAH. Well, at least the basement is hot and there is much music with witch to make merriment.


Current 93: Anyway People Di, Island (world serpent)
Comus: Diana, First Utterance (dawn)
Björk: Moon (The Slips Remix), Bastards (one little indian)
Holy Balm: Phone Song, It’s You (not not fun)
Devendra Banhart: Für Hildegard von Bingen, Mala (nonesuch)
Sally Shapiro: If It Doesn’t Rain, Somewhere Else (paper bag)
My Bloody Valentine: In Another Way, mbv (mbv)
Smersh: Beat This, Cassette Pets (dark entries)
Steve Reich: Parts I & II, Tehillim (ecm)
Tadahiko Yokogawa: Strut, May Songs (pick)
Old Komm: Movement #2, Venspils e.p. (discrepant)
Anna Domino: Zanna, Grlz: Women Ahead of their Time (crippled dick hot wax)
Toychestra: High Flame, Lab 20 Yr Anniversary (lab)
Funkadelic: Maggot Brain (westbound)
Umberto: The Summoning, Confrontations (not not fun)
Noveller: Brilliant Colors, Ladyz in Noyz (spleencoffin)
Coconuts: Silver Lights (no quarter)
Daphne Oram: New Atlantis, The Oram Tapes, Vol. 1 (young americans)
Sensations Fix: Crossing Berlin, Music is Painting in the Air (rer)
Philip Jeck: Hindquarters, Touch 25 (touch)
LaMonte Young: Well Tuned Piano (gramavision)


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