Harmony has Minions



Negativland: Christianity is Stupid, Escape From Noise (seeland)
Christian Death: After the Rain, Jesus Points the Bone at You? (century media)
Diamanda Galas: Sono L’antichristo, Plague Mass (mute)
Coil: The Pope Held Upside Down, Unnatural History (threshold house)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Up Jumped the Devil, Tender Prey (mute)
King Crimson: Red (atlantic)
James Tenney: Fabric for Che’, Selected Works 1961-1969 (new world)
John Oswald: Pretender, Plunderphonics 69/96 (seeland)
Moon Duo: Scars, Mazes (sacred bones)
Old Komm: Movement 1, Venspils e.p. (discrepant)
Low: Weight of Water, Secret Name (kranky)
Glorie: Run Away, Falling e.p. (s/r)
Dark Side of the Cop: Dark Side of the Cop, Shaky Little Rules (auger down)
Moira Star: Magician’s Rant/Ossuery Querry/Split Potion, Scarred for Life (resipiscent)
Oneida: People of the North, Each One Teach One (jagjaguar)
Robert Crouch: I Melt with You II, An Occupied Space (dragon’s eye)
Rachel’s: First Self Portrait Series, Music for Egon Schiele (quarterstick)
Secret Saucer: Night Encounter, Tri-Angle Waves (salad farm studio)
Jim James: All is Forgiven, Regions of Light and Sound of God (ato)
Fred Frith: Incoming, Accidental (cuneiform)
The Knife: Forest Families, Silent Shout (brille)
Pamela Z: In Tymes of Olde, From A to Z (starkland)
Quintron: Dungeon Master, These Hands of Mind (drum buddy)
Mindflayer: Let’s Play Holy War Fuckers, Expedition to the Hairier Peaks (corleone)
Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company: Train Forty-Five, 1970-73 (cuneiform)
Jana Hunter: The Earth has no Skin, Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom (midheaven)
Chelsea Light Moving: Heavenmetal (matador)


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