My Grampy Don’t Need No Grammy



[artist: title, album (label)]
Philip Glass: Part 1, Music in 12 Parts (venture)
Ivor Cutler: Many Many Icons, Privilege (rough trade)
Sun ra: Intrinsic Energies/Of Mythic Worlds (philly jazz)
Front 242: headhunter (wax trax!)
Ensemble 56: Dream of Wyspianski, Exploratory Music from Poland (tong)
Add N to (X): Plug Me In, Add Insult to Injury (mute)
My Bloody Valentine: Glider (sire)
Io: Sobre Martinete (en vivo), Flamenco Abstractions (elegua)
Marie Goyette: Short-cuts Brahms, The ReR Quarterly vol 4 #2 (rer)
Labradford: Listening in Depth, Prazision (kranky)
Terry Riley: Desert of Ice, Shri Camel (columbia)
Refrigerator Mothers: Salic Trip, Post-Asiatic Lost War Dream Music (URCKarm recordings)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno: Starless & Bible Black Sabbath (alien 8)


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