[artist: song, album (label)]

Nels Cline and Gregg Bendian: Jupiter, Interstellar Space Revisited: The Music of John Coltrane (atavistic)
Crash Worship: Awake, Asesinos (roir)
Hundred Waters: Wonderbloom (owsla)
Emeralds: Search for Me in the Wasteland, Just to Feel Anything (mego)
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Something’s Wrong: Psychocandy (reprise)
In One Ear Out The Analog: Everything in Its Right Place, Plastic Mutilations (vitamin)
Caroliner: Tweet Faced, Rings on the Awkward Shadow
Cex: Florida [is shaped like a droopy dick for a reason], Oops, I Did it Again (tigerbeat 6)
Currer Bells: Vivid Words (quetzi)
Ethernet: Cubed Suns, Opus 2 (kranky)
Carl Craig: A Wonderful Life, Landcruising (blanco y negro)
FFWD: Hidden (inter-modo)
Borborites: Sunrise in an Opium Den at the End of the World, District of Noise 4 (sonic circuits)
If, Bwana: Furry, I Angelica (pogus productions)
Daniel Steven Crafts: The Human Condition, Soap Opera Suite/Snake Oil Symphony (lutra)
Harmonia: Gollum, Deluxe (brain)
Spacetime Continuum: Swing Fantasy, Emit Ecaps (astralwerks)
Tlon Uqbar: Elengassen, La Bola Perdida (staalplaat)
William Parker: Sonic Animation, iamaphotographer (plain)
Dungen: Sa Blev de Bestamt, Tio Bitar (kemado)


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