Organic Maladroit

[artist: song, album (label)]

Suzanne Ciani: Voices 8-13, Voices of Packaged Souls (dead-cert)
Sigur Ros: Viorar vel til Lottarasa, Agaetis Byrjun (fat cat)
PJ Harvey: When Under Ether, White Chalk (island)
Kendra Smith: Iridescence 31, Guild of Temporal Adventurers (fiasco)
Benoit Pioulard: The Loom Pedal, Temper (kranky)
Autechre: Perlence, Quaristice (warp)
Magas: Chicagocide, May I Meet My Accuser (imaginary conflict)
Diamond Version: Technology at the Speed of Life (mute/raster noton)
Forcefield: #6, Lord of the Rings Modulator (bulb)
Semantic: Revolver, Bone of Contention (sst)
Nine Nine: Reconscience, Homeward (s/r)
Steve Fisk: Invocation/No. 2nd Chance, 448 Deathless Days (sst)
Silmaril: Song of the Apocalypse, The Voyage of Icarus (locust)
Zipper Spy: Start (a remix), Icki Beats (ground fault)
Growing: Rave Pie Only, All the Way (the social registry)
Stone Baby: Violator of the Pact, cr200 (carbon)
Sujo: Nillin, Repent (inam)
Red Krayola: Parable of Arable Land (tempel/spalax)
Fontanelle: When the Fire Hits the Forest, Vitamin F (southern lord)
Balmorhea: Artifact, Stranger (western vinyl)
Mystical Weapons: dirty (chimera)


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