dope strongish


[artist: song, album (label)]
Gandalf: I Watch the Moon (sundazed)
Broadcast: Teresa, Lark of Acension, Barbarian Sound Studio (illuminations)
The Flaming Lips: Halloween on the Barbary Coast, Hit to Death in the Future Head (wea)
Eternal Tapestry: When Gravity Fails, A World Out of Time (thrill jockey)
Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin: Uptown Psychedelia, Instrumental Tourist (software)
Chow Chow Music: Postmaster General, Bringing Brevity to Drug Music
Errors: Ammaboa Glass, New Relics (rock action)
Brian Eno: Stars, Atmosphere & Soundtracks (eg)
Blues Control: End Zone, Puff (woodsist)
V/A: The Telephone Hour, ByeByeBirdie
Stereolab: Canned Candies, Oscillations From the Anti-Sun (too pure)
Ice Truck: Antennas to the Future EP (s/r)
Kid Smpl: Guardian, Skylight (hush hush)
Discoverer: Data Pool, Tunnels (digitalis)
Crystal Castles: Pale Flesh, III (casablanca)
Silent Servant: The Strange Attractor, Negative Fascinator
North Sea: Violence is a Cleansing Force, Grandeur & Weakness (rubber city noise)
Qurious: #9, Void Vanishing (stickfigure recordings)
Sonogram: Gala, Apparent Microdots (simulacra)
Annie Gosfield: Brawl, Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires (tzadik)
Death Praxis: Hearse, Tenko (what next)
Ty Segall: Ghost, Twins (drag city)


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