A City is a City is a City


[artist: song, album (label)]
Altres: Panic, Archives (dark entries)
The Orb w/Lee Scratch Perry: Golden Clouds, The Orbserver in the Star House (cooking vinyl)
Miroslav Vitous: Recycle, First Meeting (ecm)
Olekranon: Alinea, Heliminth (inam)
Seth Horvitz: Study n.21: Bells, Eight Studies for Automatic Piano (l-ne)
Samantha Glass: Movement 5, Rising Movements (constellation tatsu)
The Product: Almost Afraid of It, Alive Again (dark entries)
c.v.l.t.s.: Freecasting, Realiser (constellation tatsu)
Chicago Underground Quartet: Wo ist der Kuchen, Meine Frau (thrill jockey)
Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell: Qi (nna tapes split)
Amps for Christ: Raga for Midnight, The Secret of the Almost Straight Line (westside audio labs)
Eugene Carchesio, #2, Circle Music (room40)
David Dunn, #5, Angels and Insects: tabula Angelorum Bonorum 49 (what next?)
Fire! w/Oren Ambarchi: I am Sucking for a Bruise, In the Mouth–a Hand (rune grammofon)
Scott Walker: Dimple, Bish Bosch (4ad)
Mountains: Tilt, Centralia (thrill jockey)
Ahleuchatistas: Heads Full of Poison (cuneiform)
Ethernet: Dodecahedron, Opus 2 (kranky)
Hisato Higuchi: Words, Early Works (psf/modern music)


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