Remember to always think twice



Animal Collective: Comfy in Nautica, Person Pitch (paw tracks)
Kraftwerk: Endless Endless, Trans Europe Express
Slap: Auto-Repeat (architecture of sound)
Innerzone Orchestra: Bug in the Bass Bin, Programmed  (astralwerks)
Ostrich Von Nipple: Shitty Medley, …plays some Shitty Tunes (psychofon)
Moby: My Weakness, Play
Cerebus Shoal: A Paranoid Home Companion, Chaiming the Knoblessone
Yokokimthurston: I Missed You Listening, S/T (chimera)
Felix Kubin: Doppelagenten, Bruder Luzifer (omni)
Prince Rama: Receive, Top Ten Hits at the End of the World (paw tracks)
Telefunken/Flying Saucer Attack: Distant Station (drag city)
Laurel Halo: Carcass, Quarantine (hyperdub)
Pizzicato Five: Peace Music (St. Etienne remix), The Sound of Music
Susumu Yokota: Love Bird, Grinning Cat (skintone)
Blues Control: End Zone, Puff (woodsist)
Monolake: Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong Remastered
The Binary Marketing Show: Run for your Life, Because of This This and This (8088)


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