Fannypack Infestation


Pink Courtesy Phone: Millemeters Off/Non US (Tiny), Serenity Powers (room40)
Maria Monti: Il Pavone, Il Bestiario (unseen worlds)
Eugene Carchesio: Circle #5, Circle Music (room40)
The Music Tapes: To All Who Say Goodnight, Mary’s Voice (merge)
The Casket Girls: Give It All Away, Sleepwalking (graveface)
Mi-Gu: Pulling From Above, Choose The Light (chimera music)
Stanley Schumacher & The Music Now Ensemble: Machine Language, Experimental Music Lab (musikmacher productions)
Celer: Obtuse Sensibility, Levitation and Breaking Points (and/oar)
Steve Moore: Light Echoes II (cuneiform)
Ricardo Villalobos: Tu Actitud, Dependent and Happy (perlon)
Spires That in a Sunset Rise: Revella, Ancient Patience Wills It Again, Part II (hairy spider legs)
Matmos: Just Waves, The Ganzfield e.p. (thrill jockey)


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