Pristine Ceilings


[artist: title, album (label)]
Jailbreak: Brought Down, The Rocker (family vineyard)
Fred Frith: What a Dilemma, Gravity (ralph)
Phillip Glass: Music in 12 Parts, Pt 1 (caroline)
Anthony Levin-Decanini: a5 (Pairings), Pairings/Birth Plan (broken research)
Harold Budd: Madrigals of the Rose Angel, The Pavilion of Dreams (obscure/e.g.)
Robert Hood: Slow Motion Katrina, Motor: Nighttime World 3 (music man)
Evan Caminiti: Absteigend, Dreamless Sleep (thrill jockey)
Kane Ikin: In the Shadow of the Vanishing Night, Sublunar (12k)
Deison: Room IV: Air Conditioning, Quiet Rooms (aagoo)
Derek Piotr: Clandestine Spread, Airing (bitsquare)
Thomas Koner: Novaya Zemlya 1, Novaya Zemlva (touch)
Aaron Dillaway: Burning Nest, Grapes and Snakes


Stars of the Lid: The Atomium Part Three, Avec Laudenum (kranky)
Kuupuu: Joella, Lumen Tahden (time-lag)
Colourbox: Just Give ‘Em Whiskey (4ad)
Vocoder: Mindanao, Cuadro Sinoptico (dark entries)
Blanketship: Bacon, Pleated Shorts (gigante sound)
Clang Quartet: The Infidel Within, The Separation of Church and Hate (silber)
Hair Police: Freezing Alone, Certainty of Swarms (no fun productions)
Volcano the Bear: The Great Reimbursing, Golden Rhythm/Ink Music (rune grammofon)
Chapterhouse: Pearl, Whirlpool (dedicated)
Art Ensemble of Chicago: Third Decade (warner)
Beatless: Dork n’Twaddle, Zaum (dead ceo)
Gilded: Tyne, Terrane (a hidden shoal)
Laurel Halo: Thaw, Quarantine (hyperdub)
Tomorrowland: People Mover (darla)
John Lennon: Well Well Well, Plastic Ono Band
Laminar: Whorl, Persepolis + Remixes (asphodel)
Gulpass Gulpass Lululululu: -Lu, Hard Marchen in Osaka (nazna oiran)
Death Ambient: Agony & Desire, Synaesthesia (tzakid)
Paiboon: Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan’s Nightmare), Thai Beat a Go Go, Vol. 1 (subliminal sounds)


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