Lucky Dragons

On October 3rd, WCBN and the EQMC (thankfully still operating after the unfortunate demise of their lair) hosted a splendid show at the WORK gallery featuring City Center, Woods and Lucky Dragons.  I provided the musical wallpaperDJed before the show and in-between sets.

City Center did a playfully loopy set that really came together by the middle of the second song. Unfortunately at my vantage point, taking a good pic of them was impossible. Woods went on last and very late (bass amp issues). I was tired and the trip home loomed like an anvil above my head. I stayed for two songs with (again) a compromised vantage point. Story. of. my. life.

Into the Woods.

I suppose my enjoyment of bands is correlated to my ability to view them unblocked by (ahem) taller people. Full disclosure: I’m short. In my Caesar salad days, I’d arrive 1-2 hours before showtime and wait on line with all the other nerds.

Still dragons run deep.


Lucky Dragons were my favorite of the evening. They built shimmering sonic walls, then rearranged the musical furniture slowly and methodically–playing with tones and waveforms. Great microtonal cerebral drone. They also had a homemade light show, which became interactive by mid-set, as they passed out scratched CDs to everyone within reach of the slide projector.  Politely, folks took their turn waving and scraping the CD in front of the light to achieve maximum sparklefication.

My playlist was purposefully crafted to get along well with dark loops and chill drones. I don’t think I’m going to post it here yet as it was rather long but it ran the gamut from Syd Barrett to Tamil film music.


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