do not put me in a cage

Of course I want cake!

Long post. 2 weeks worth.


[artist: title, album (label)]
Blues Control: Opium Den/Fade to Blue, Valley Tangents (drag city)
Dead Can Dance: Kiko, Anastasis (pias)
Bailter Space: Get Lost, Robot World (matador)
Steelpole Bathtub: Carbon, The Miracle of Sound in Motion (boner)
Spore: Feedback (TAANG!)
Far Out Fangtooth: Occasion of Sin/Patience, The Thorns (hozac)
John Cage: She is Asleep (tomato)
Marco Benevento: Fireworks, Tigerface (royal potato family)
Fierce Creatures: Babbity Abbot, Catacomb Party (paper garden)
A Tribe Called Red: Woodcarver, Turning Down Water for Air
Steve Reich: Come Out (original mix), Reich Remixed 2 (nonesuch)
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Heart in the Hand of the Matter, Source Tags and Code (interscope) **
Jean Piche: Rouge, Heliospan (digitalis)
Hank and Slim: Thumbs in Beltloops, The World Turned Gingham (caciocavallo)
Cerberus Shoal: A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man’s Head, Bastion of Itchy Preeves (ne indie)
David Grubbs: Pinned to the Spot, Rickets and Scurvy (drag city)
Tobacco: Hairy Candy, Fucked Up Friends (anticon)
Stereo Total: Schon von Hinten, Total Pop (analog uk)

**by request

All of that was preceded by my musical version of Heidi’s Sex & Tell show:
Coil: Tainted Love
Matthew Dear: Fighting is Futile
Anais Nin & Henry Miller talking about sex, death and war
The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatry
The Birthday Party: Release The Bats
Air: Le Soleil est Pres de Mois

…aaaand because I know you’re waiting, here’s last week’s show:


Can’t vs. The World: Ride Like the Wind
Dickie Landry: Fifteen Saxophones (unseen worlds)
Colin Stetson: Tiger Tiger Crane, New History Warfare: Vol 1 (aagoo)
Luciano Berio (feat. Cathy Berberian): Sequenza III (candide)
Bjork: Hollow, Biophilia (nonesuch)
Elisa Luu: Se Fosse per Me…, Un Giorno Sospeso (hidden shoal)
Kwisp: Dragon Titties, Teriyaki Vest Odyssey (pinephone)
Derek Piotr: Deliver, Airing (bitsquare)
X-Ray Pop: Amazone, The Dream Machine (dark entries)
Golem: Orion Awakes, The Krautrock Archive: Vol 1 (caroline)
Ombre: Vistate, Believe You Me (asthmatic kitty)
Evan Caminiti: Absteigend, Dreamless Sleep (thrill jockey)
Dan Deacon: Crash Jam, America (domino)
Motorpsycho: The Hollow Lands, The Death Defying Unicorn (rune grammophone)
Nancy Zeltsman: Un Beau Baiser, See Ya Thursday (equilibrium)
Laika: Marimba Song, Silver Apples of the Moon (too pure)
Dat Politics: People R Inside, Blitz Gazer (subrosa)
Robyn Hitchcock: Furry Green Atom Bowl, I Often Dream of Trains (rhino)
Joy Division: The Eternal, Still (rhino)


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