no-one can hear you


[artist: title, album (label)]
Brute Neighbors, Like Mirage (temporary residence)
The Beatles: I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Abbey Road (capitol)
The Flaming Lips feat. Neon Indian: Is David Bowie Dying, FL and Heady Fwends
Uladat: Guerra (black tropical)
Avey Tare & Panda Bear: April and the Phantom, Spirit They’ve Gone Spirit They’ve Vanishes
Diiv: Air Conditioning, Oshin (captured tracks)
House of Love: Christine, S/T (creation)
Arthur Russell: She’s the Star/I Take This Time, World of Echo (audika)
Oval: #8, Commers (thrill jockey)
Comiskey: Citadel, Relays
Phil Perkins: Hardanger, Drive Time (fun)
Her Space Holiday: Something to do with My Hands, The Young Machines (mush)
Crystal Stilts: Sycamore Tree, In Love with Oblivion (slumberland)
Nouvelle Vague: Shack Up, Bande a Part (luaka bop)
Cymbals: Untitled #1, Sideways Sometimes
Caribou: A Final Warning, The Milk of Human Kindness (dno)
Rome: She’s a Black Belt, S/T (thrill jockey)
Greg Goodman/Henry Kaiser/Lukas Ligeti: Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell?, Heavy Meta (ecstatic yod)
Ennio Morricone: Corsa Sui Tetti, Crime and Dissonance (ipicac)
Matt Davignon: Track 8, Music at 1/2 Speed (edgetone)
Codec sc: 50 Ohm Belden, Clinical Observations (nonresponse)
Amen Dunes: Baba Yaga, Through Donkey Jaw (sacred bones)


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