Surplus Depot Z15

Summer 2012 sporadic squash supplements…


Leonard Nimoy, Music to Watch Space Girls By, Spaced Out
Can, Millionenspiel, The Lost Tapes
Black Dice, Pissed in a Cave, Rodriguez 7″ (ribbon)
William Shatner, Hamlet, Spaced Out
Pesnyary, Mowed Yas Konyushin, Vocal & Instrumental Music (melodiya)
Plankton Wat, Spirits, Spirits
Woods, Sleep, Amps for Christ split 7″ (shrimper)
Femminielli, Chauffeur, Araignee split 7″ (fixture)
Actress, n.e.w., R.I.P.
Olekranon, Travel Scars, Barbarians
Yalls, Settle Down, Fantasy e.p.
Calibro 35, New York New York, Any Resemblance to Actual Facts is Purely Coincidental (nublu)
Peaking Lights, Cosmic Tides, Lucifer
Bruce Haack, Echo, The Electronic Record for Children
Druid Perfume, Wheel of the Chance (urinal cake)
Can, Dead Pigeon Suite, The Lost Tapes
Can, Networks of Foam, The Lost Tapes
Jean Piche, Rouge, Heliograms

Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother Suite, Atom Heart Mother
The Cinematic Orchestra, Necrology, In Motion #1
Tortoise, Glass Museum, Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Motor Totemist Guild, A Mixture of Guise, Contact with Veils
Mmoths, If Only, Mmoths
Porter Ricks, Port of Call, Biokinetics
Jurgen Muller, Science of the Sea (in its entirety)
Mammal, Fatherlands, Lonesome Drifter
i:cube, Dans la Piece Vide, Adore

Galaxie 500, Ceremony, On Fire (ryko)
John Zorn, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Big Gundown (tzadik)
Ilhan Mimaroglu, To Kill a Sunrise: A Requiem for Those Shot in the Back, Agitation (locust)
Honest to Goodness, A Gaseous Speck (fedora corpse)
Lichens, 1, The Psychic Nature of Being (kranky)
Dead Can Dance, The Writing on my Father’s Hand, The Serpent’s Egg (4ad)
Skinny Puppy, Choralone, Rabies (capitol)
Toshi Wada, II, Off the Wall (omega point)
Greg Davis, Diaphonous (edit), Somnia (kranky)


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