It’s been a hot summer. I’ve been abysmal with keeping these posts up to date. Previous shows will follow soon. I found a Wire Tapper CD that kind of ruled.  This week’s show:

[artist: song, album (label)]
Elliott Sharp: City of Sand, Tectonics (knitting factory)
Ergo Phizmiz: Sticky White Glue (extract): Rectify, Wire Tapper 12
Cul de Sac & Damo Suzuki: Berlin 6, Wire Tapper 12
The Fall: I am Damo Suzuki, The Nation’s Saving Grace (beggar’s banquet)
Tim Flood Quartet: Untrapped Tears, Mag Mell (null records)
Balachander: Sangeetha Gnaanamu, Man From Madras (world pacific)
John Coltrane: Living Space, Infinity (impulse)
Blur: Sing, Trainspotting OST (capitol)
Uncle Woody Sullender: Aphelion Counting, Nothing is Certain but Death (dead ceo)
Drexciya: Sea Quake, Deep Sea Dweller (shockwave)
Autechre: IV VV IV VV VII, draft 7.30 (warp)
Violet: Priznak Aluminium, Wire Tapper 12
Micachu and The Shapes: Nothing, Never (rough trade)
Peaking Lights: LO HI, Lucifer (mexican summer)
Fat Worm of Error: Mashed Potentate, Ambivalence and the Beaker (resipiscent)
Wet Hair: Jane You Don’t Decide, Spill into Atmosphere (de stijl)
Pow Wows: EIO (during the flood), Nightmare Soda (get hip)
K-Holes: Window in the Wall, Dismania (hardly art)
Milky Globe: The Warp and the Woof, Wire Tapper 12
Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm: Like Pictures Part 2, Drawn From Life (astralwerks)
Unstable Ensemble: Torque and Tungsten, The Liturgy of Ghosts (family vineyard)
Hot Boss: Dick Program, S/T


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