Soulstice Poultice


[artist: song, album (label)]
Blood Bright Star: Blood Bright Star, Split (constellation tatsu)
Hot Chip: Let Me Be Him, In Our Heads (domino)
Black Dice: Spy vs. Spy, Mr. Impossible (ribbon music)
hudpucker: Mighty Fly, Forum (s/r)
Sujo: Famir, Diaspora (inam)
Chromatics: Into the Black, Kill for Love (italians do it better)
Arrington de Dionyso: Mirrors and Windows, Songs of Psychic Fire, Vol 1 & 3
Scot Jenerik: Modulus of Horizontal Shear (playing Sublinear), Experimental Musical Instruments Later Years (exp)
The Hundred in the Hands: SF Summer, Red Night (warp)
Tomasz Gwincinski: Corruptis Omnibus (exerpt), Exploratory Music from Poland (audio tong)
Menstruation Sisters: Footprints, Dead Dot Slugs (menlo park)
David Thrussell: It’s a Majick, Majick World, The Voices of Reason (ant-zen)
Breast Fed Yak: Infant Shakes, Space is No Place: NYC Noise from the Underground (psych-0)
Zoltan Pongracz: Mariphonia (1972), Hungarian Electronic Music (creel pone)
Alexandre Navarro: We Love, Sketches (constellation tatsu)
Owt: Palimpsestus, Good as Gold (homestead)
Music From The Film: Candy for the Children, Vi Kommer til a Fa Deg (zero moon)
Hakobune: That Wasn’t What I Thought, A Cowboy Across the River (constellation tatsu)
Birthmark: Pacifist Manifesto, Antibodies (polyvinyl)
Tim Hecker: Ghost Writing, Haunt Me (substractif)


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