When isn’t it mousse?


[artist: song, album (label)]
Electronic Waste Product: Picket Fences, Serge Modular (resipiscent)
Dinosaur L: Clean On Your Bean #1, New York Noise (soul jazz)
Stereolab: Blue Milk, Cobra & Phases Group… (wea)
Heavy Cream: John Johnny, Super Treatment (infinity owl)
Experimental Dental School: Microscope Lab Voices, Jane Doe Love Me (cochon)
Diamanda Galas: Sono L’antichristo, Plague Mass (mute)
Ramadan Man: Bleeper, EP
Clams Casino: One Last Thing, Instrumentals Mixtape 2
Heroin in Tahiti: Death Surf (boring machines)
Erik Satie: Jack in the Box, Michel Legrande Plays… (erato)
Beach House: The Hours, Bloom (subpop)
John Oliver: Over the Edge, Time is Dust (earsay)
Gilles Deleuze: Commencer Par le Premier Principe
Bleed: Patent, In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze (mille plateaux)
Zomes: Clear Shapes (holy mountain)
Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel #4, Rothko/Why Patterns (new albion)
The User: Abandon #4, …Plays Montreal’s Grain Elevator #5 (asphodel)


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