“Yukkuri itte kudasai!”

Last week’s show was an all out Japanese weirdfest. I like to do these at least once a year, as it gives me an opportunity to rediscover everything I love about crazy Japanese music. I need to crank up this stuff more often.

Listen to the archive here.


[artist: song, album (label)]
Yellow Magic Orchestra: Citizens of Silence, X (Infinity) Multiples (a&m)
Apryl Fool: The Lost Mother Land (part 1), LP&P (qdk)
Golden Cups: Hiwa-mata Noboru, Japan Wild Favorites (wildworld)
Ground Zero: El Derecho de Vivir en Paz + Shinoshin 3/4, Plays Standards (diw)
Jacks: Gloomy Flower, LP&P (qdk)
The Peanuts: #5, The Peanuts! (king)
Guitar Wolf: Motor Cycle Leather Boy, Planet of the Wolves (matador)
Boris & Michio Kurihara: You Laughed Like a Water Mark, Rainbow (drag city)
Ikuro Takahashi: Drums Solo, Twenty Years: One Second* (wfmu)
Asa Chang & Junray: Hana, S/T (hot cha!)
Boredoms: Which Do You Like?, Pop Tatari (wea)
A Qui Avec Gabriel: Awai, Utsuho (tzadik)
Ann Arbor: #3, I’m a Vain Person (cafe’)
Hoppy Kamiyama: Flesh for the Jet Set, Juice and Tremolo: The Works of Chamber Music (sonore)
DMBQ: Mirror Baby, The Essential Sounds from the Far East (estrus!)
Susumu Yokota: Rising Sun, Laputa (skintone)
Rovo: Horses, Imago (incidental)
Otomo Yoshihide: HK, Solo Works Memory Disorder Vol. 3 (gentle giant)
LSD March: Black Bouquet, Suddenly Like Flames (last visible dog)
Masayo Asahara: Part 3: First Tempo, Saint Agnes Fountain (audiolaceration)
People: Gatha, Ceremony-Buddha Meet Rock (teichiku)
Contagious Orgasm: Firewalker…and Way In Way Out, The Flow of Sound without Parameter (ground fault)

*Janitor From Mars 2004 Premium CD


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