East Sizzide Stimulation

A few Thursdays ago, Dan played a solo guitar show at My Dad’s Bar in Detroit.  His was part of three avant-experimental performances (the other two being Brandon Weiner and Cosmic Light Shapes).


The bar itself is a cozy little working class hipster joint, very neighborhoody. Outside was desolate Mad Max, inside was warm cathode light, shelves stuffed with vintage board games and lots of vintage “dad” photos dotting walls and tables. The legs lamp is classic.  My favorite however, was this:

Clark Nova on a doily.

Dan’s performance was very good. While less noisy/loopy than I would have liked, he was totally on and still managed to pepper his playing with the usual danbends and danwails. It was also the live premier of his ‘new’ Melancon strat. His set was more rockish than Frippish and the audience dug it, and I think that was his point.

my dan's bar

Our friend Greg came by too. He took much better photos than I did.

After Dan, Brandon took the stage. He used Dan’s amp (vintage Princeton Reverb) which made his sax playing sound a heck of a lot warmer. Brandon is a good player, and used a lot of delay and loops.

(We thought initially that Brandon was a Detroit connection. Turns out we met him in Ann Arbor a few years back at Dan’s first Vitae gig.)

Cosmic Light Shapes were less psych than I thought, but still somewhat lush and droney. I was already very tired by the time they took the stage, but still enjoyed their set.  Haze, smoke, whisky, school night. Getting old sucks.


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