Bourbon Diuretic for Upset Cynic


Comus, Song to Comus, First Utterance (Victor Japan)
Tuurd, Eating Ice Cream w/Satan, I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty (Carbon)
Screaming Females, Something Ugly, Ugly (Don Giovanni)
Turn on the Sunlight, Ghostfires from Heaven’s Far Verges Faint Illume, Remixes/Collaborations (Disques Corde)
Wire, Red Barked Tree, The Black Session-Paris, 10 May 2011 (Pink Flag)
Matteo Uggeri, 7.27am Morning Frost, Pagetos (Boring Machines)
Skeletons, Walmart and the GHost of Jimmy Damour, People (Shinkoyo)
Umberto, Someone Chasing Someone Through a House, Prophecy of the Black Widow (Not Not Fun)
School of the 7 Bells, White Wind, Ghostory (Ghostly Intl)
Soft Moon, Total Decay (Captured Tracks)
Fabio Orsi, Loipe 03, Wo ist Behle? (Boring Machines)
Xeerox, Viejo Decorado Electrico 4, Tension: Spanish Experimental Underground 1980-1985 (Munster)
David Buddin, Canticle I, Canticles for Electronic Music (UGexplode)
Scarcity of Tanks, Another Chance, Vulgar Defender (Total Life Society)
John Coltrane, Om [exerpt] (Impulse!)
Organum, Cowl, Submission (Complacency)
Lotus Plaza, Out of Touch, Spooky Action at a Distance (Kranky)
Dinosaur Feathers, City Living, Whistle Tips (Ernest Jenning)
Kishibashi, Bright Whites, 151a (Joyful Noise)
Mouse on Mars, Syncropticians, Parastrophics (Monkeytown)
Dylan Ettinger, Sport and Superstition, Lifetime of Romance (Not Not Fun)
Rob Hubbard, Commando, SID Chip Sounds: The Music of the Commodore 4 (Robot Elephant)
Melted Cassettes, Razed from the Bottle, The Real Sounds from Hell Recordings (Mind Flare Media)
Demdike Stare, Mephisto’s Lament, Elemental (Modern Love)


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