Aw Shucks Just Plain Folks


Buddy Rich, The Beat Goes On, Blow Up A Go Go! (v2)
Ass Baboons of Venus, Pontoon of the Rubber Booby (Bulb)
Avey Tare, Glass Bottom Boat, Down There (Paw Tracks)
Tiny Tim, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, I Love Me (Seeland)
Eyerish Heather Collins and Molly Petite, The Prettiest Wings, Accordion Babes 2011
Alastair Galbraith, Hospice, Mirrorwork (Trance Syndicate)
Lower Dens, Brains, Nootropics (Ribbon)
Suzanne Ciani, Eight Wave, Lixiviation (b-music)
The Magnetic Fields, I’d Go Anywhere with Hugh, Love at the Bottom of the Sea (Merge)
Aaron Dilloway, Labyrinths and Jokes, Modern Jester (Hanson)
Black Dice, Brunswick Sludge (meets Front Range Tripper), Mr. Impossible (Ribbon)
Warsaw Village Band, Joint Venture inna Village, Polska Rootz (Eastblok)
Dead Can Dance, Saltarello, A Passage in Time (Ryko/4ad)
Au, OJ, Both Lights (Hometapes)
Starving Weirdos, Captured, Land Lines (Amish)
Brigitte Fontaine, Brigitte (Saravah)
Evenings, Growing Isolation, #2 (Fedora Corpse)
Disappears, Joa, Tension (Kranky)
Mar Otra Vez, He, Tension – Spanish Experimental Underground (Munster)
Dustin Wong, Purple Slipped Right, Dreams Say View Create Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
Yeasayer, Germs, All Hour Cymbals (We Are Free)
Gandalf, You Upset the Grace of Living (Sundazed)
Amon Düül II, Surrounded by the Stars, Wolf City (Revisited)
John Hollenbeck, I’m Sorry Shu-Mei, Just Drums (Fever Pitch)
Manuel Gottsching, E2-E4 (Made in Germany)


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