Typhoid Breakfast


Kittycraft, Comeback Queen, Catskills, Darla
Cabaret Voltaire, Sluggin’ for Jesus, Pt 1, Eight Crepuscle Tracks
Spoek Mathambo, Grave, Father Creeper, Sub Pop
Sir Richard Bishop, Jaisalmer, Improvika, Locust
Clint Mansell, pi r2, Pi OST, Thrive
Tokedashita Garasubako, Kimi ha Darenanda, Love Peace & Poetry: Japanese Psych Music, QDK
The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Awakening, The Inner Mounting Flame
Wire, French Film Blurred, Chairs Missing
Comets on Fire, The Unicorn, Field Recordings From The Sun, Ba Da Bing!
From The Mouth of The Sun, My Skin Drinks Light That Has Passed Through Leaves, Woven Tide, Experimedia
The Dolls, Star-Like, Music by The Dolls, Huume
John Coltrane, Manifestation, Cosmic Music, Impulse
Henry Flynt, Acoustic Hillbilly Jive, Back Porch Hillbilly Blues, Locust
The Lovedolls, Now That I’ve Tasted Blood, Lovedolls Superstar, Cesstone
The Men, Please Don’t Go Away, Open Your Heart, Sacred Bones
Mi and L’au, Varlden, If Beauty is a Crime, Important
Starving Weirdos, Periods, Land Lines, Amish
Mira Calix, Routine (The Dancing Bear), Oneonone, Warp
Goodman/Kaiser/Ligeti, Iron King, Heavy Meta, Ecstatic Yod Collective
Bathyscaphe, Home Sleep Diagnostic, -11034m, Monopsone
A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Passionate Introverts (Dinosaurs), Ashes Grammar, Mis Ojo
Sundial, Tremolo, S/T, UFO
Can, Quantum Physics, Soon Over Babaluma, Mute
Mushroom, Antonioni’s Groove, Iamaphotographer, Plain
Barry Adamson, Black Holes in My Brain, I Will Set You Free, Central Control
Perkis/Bischoff/Horton, Martian Folk Music, The League of Automatic Composers: 1978-1983, New World
Black to Comm, Thrones, Earth, de stijl


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