Chocolate Shavings


Big Star, Kizza Me, Third/Sister Lovers, Ryko
Arrington di Dionyso, Gamelan Gandrung, AD & Gomboh w/Gamelan Gandrung, Head
Big A little a, Horse Steak, gAame, Gigantic
Alias, Wanna Let It Go, Fever Dream, Anticon
Long Hair, Miss Halo Event, A Dangerous Beauty in a Sullen Mood, Fortyseven
Eydie Gorme, Moon River, Blame it on the Bossa Nova, Columbia
The Lothars, Trem Also, Meet the Lothars, Wobbly
Ed Herrmann, When Myth Shreds Rise, Still Life in Concrete, Garuda
Albert Camus, L’estranger, Reading in French, Caedmon
Joy Division, Twenty Four Hours, Still, Factory
pacificUV, I’m Here (but it’s not me), Weekends, Mazarine
Milton Babbitt, Ensembles for Synthesizer, Cage Variations, Columbia
Religious Knives, Bind Them, Remains, No Fun Productions
Sonik Omi, Main Theme from Andhera/Darwaza, Bollywood Bloodbath, b-Music
Dick Hyman & His Orchestra, Living on Borrowed Time, Fabulous, Command
Model 500, Nite Drive (thru Babylon), Metroplex
Touch People, You Can Live, S/T, Illegal
United Waters, Spires 1, Your First Ever River, Arbitrary Signs
Windy & Carl, Program, Introspection, Blue Flea
Bruce Gilbert, Workfor, This Way, Stumm18
Nat Roe, Ra Ra Redux, Interplanetary Remixes: WFMU Reinterprets the Music of Sun-Ra
Muslimgauze, Lion of Kandahar (extended remix), Iran, Staalplaat
Charalambides, Joy Shapes, Joy Shapes, Kranky


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