Bring me the false eyelashes


Autechre, Foil, Amber, Waxtrax
B. Fleischmann, Pass By, Welcome Tourist, Morr
Benge, Faun Six, Meme Tunes, Expanding
Blevin Blecdom, xsxmas, Talon Slalom, Deluxe
DJ Cam, California Dreamin, Seven, Inflammable
Matmos, Regicide, The Civil War, Matador
Future of Sound of London, Lifeforms (path 2), Paths 1-7:Lifeforms, Astralwerks
Susumu Yokota, Flying Cat, Grinning Cat, Leaf
Alec Guiness, sweet spring is your*, A Personal Choice, RCA Victor
Chicks on Speed, Kaltes Klares Wasser, Will Save Us All, Chicks on Speed
Gold Panda, Same Dream China, Lucky Shiner, Ghostly
Vocokesh, Love Theme from El Topo, The Tenth Corner, Strange Attractors
Stephen Vitiello, 9 out of 10, Scratchy Marimba, Sulphur
Underworld, Kittens, Beaucoup Fish, V2
Experimental Audio Research, In the Cold Light of Day, Beyond the Pale, Big Cat
Labradford, El Lago, A Stable Reference, Kranky
Aphex Twin, Gwety Mernans, Drukqs, Warp
Philip Perkins, Byyrk, The Department of Strange Weather, S-R
Patrice Sciortino, Rythmoniric, Chronoradial, Omni
Jacqszek, Evening Strains to be Time’s Vast, Glimmer, Ghostly
Tetsu Inoue, Portable Noise, Fragment Dots, Tzadik


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