Thigh Royds


Philip Glass, Addulmajid, The “Heroes” Symphony, Point Music
Sigur Ros, E-Bow, Inni, XL
Tod Dockstader, Yaya, Aerial #2, Sub Rosa
Orchestra Peter Thomas, Moontown, Orion 2000, Omni
Neon Indian, The Blindside Kiss, Era Extrana, Static
Allen Ginsberg, Put Down Yr Cigarette Rag, Rags Ballads & Harmonium Songs, Locust
Z’ev, Nine Chambers, Rhythmajik, Small Voices
The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Meeting of the Spirits, The Inner Mounting Flame, Columbia
King Crimson, The Sheltering Sky, Discipline, WEA
Jonathan Halper, I Am A Hermit, Puce Moment (7″), Taniwha’s/Puck Productions
Pussy, Comets, Love Peace & Poetry – British Psychedelic Music, QDK
Raccoo-oo-oon, Untitled #6, S/T, Release The Bats
ZGA, God’s Plant, The End of an Epoch, ReR
EBN, Super Zen State (Power Chant No. 3), Telecommunication Breakdown, TVT
Spooky Attraction From a Distance, Konkommer Toebrooidjie, Sunflower Sutra, Staubgold
Fred Frith & Rene Lussier, Two Squares and Three Circles, Nous Autres, Les Disques Victo
Tyme x Tujiko, Vacation of God, Gyu, Editions Mego
Big Spider’s Back, Far Light, Memory Man, Circle into Square
Charles Dodge, Fades/Dissolves/Fizzles, A Retrospective 1977-2009, New World
AM & Shawn Lee, Jackie Blue, Celestial Electric, ESL
Koji Kondo, Lethal Lava Land, Super Mario 64


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