Balmy Werewolves



Tricky, Vent, Pre-Millenium Tension, Island
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, The Little Boy Who Couldn’t Find Christmas
Swords and Sandals, a3, Good & Plenty, Empty Cellar
Producers for Bob, Our Electric Paralysis, Hand Signals for the Blind, Time Again Productions
Clams Casino, Motivation, Instrumentals, Type
Dark Day, Window, Window, Dark Entries
Dntel, Suddenly is Sooner Than You Think, Life is Full of Possibilities, Subpop
Child’s View, Sabure’, Funfair, Bubble Core
Thurl Ravenscroft, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Blank Dogs, Blurred Tonight, Land and Fixed, Captured Tracks
Amir Elsaffar Two Rivers Ensemble, Journey to the Underworld, Inana, Pi
Peaking Lights, Birds of Paradise Dub Version, 936, Not Not Fun
Twin Sister, Luna’s Theme, In Heaven, Domino
Yamantaka, Hoshi Neko, Sonic Titan, Psychic Handshake
Loka, Temporary External, Passing Place, Ninja Tune
Nurse with Wound, The Golden Age of Telekinesis, The Surveillance Lounge, Dirtier
Kronos Quartet, John Zorn: Cat o’ Nine Tails (Tex Avery Directs the Marquis de Sade), Short Stories, Nonesuch


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