ossi di mordere


Tracks inside [ ] were played simultaneously.

Ruth White, Flowers of Evil, Limelight
Sean McCann, The Flying Party, Experimedia label sampler
[Oren Ambarchi, Afternoon Tea 2, Afternoon Tea, Black Truffle
V/A, Soviet and Chinese propaganda songs]
Squarepusher, Port Rhombus, Big Loada, Warp
The Caretaker, I Feel as if I Might be Vanishing, An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, History Always Favors the Winners
ymusic; A Whistle, A Tune, A Macaroon; Beautiful Mechanical, New Amsterdam
Beaten by Them, Rigours of Madness, People Start Listening, Logicpole
Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica, Replica, Mexican Summer
Benoit Pioulard, The Loom Pedal, Temper, Kranky
Jamie Drouin, A Three Month Warm Up, A Three Month Warm Up, Dragon’s Eye
Seekae + Dome, Mingus, S/T, Rice is Nice
Tycho, Adrift, Dive, Ghostly Intl
Neon Indian, Hex Girlfriend, Era Extrana, Mom + Pop
DJ Me DJ You, Earth People, Rainbows and Robots, Emperor Norton
Datacide, Flowerhead, Flowerhead, Asphodel
Knotted Cord, Unseeing is Disbelieving, Polyphonic Beasts
Caveman, Vampirer, Coco Beware, Magic Man


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