…and suddenly I wanted to take a bath

My show was a little late because some old guys were performing live in our studio. I sat and listened to their set while downloading music from the library into my portable computational device. It was quite the early evening tonic, particularly the last song. The lobby was redolent of raw onions from their half-eaten fattoush salads. The drummer used (most of) Kristen’s kit.


Xeno & Oaklander, Italy, Sets and Lights, WeirdA
Memory Tapes, Worries, Player Piano, Carpark
High Places, Altos Lugares, Original Colors, Thrill Jockey
Atlas Sound, Terra Incognita, Parallax, 4ad
Zola Jesus, Shivers, Conatus, Sacred Bones
Black Dice, Miles of Smiles, DFA
Hertta Lussu Ässä, Yon Tullen Sahkoinen Spanieli Sekoaa, S/T, De Stijl
Biosphere, Genkai-1, N-plants, Touch
Led Er Est, Something for the Children, Dust-on-Common, Weird
Dntel, Anywhere Anyone, Life is Full of Possibilities, Subpop
DJ Diamond, Torture Rack, Flight Muzik, Planet Mu
Milk Maid, Oh!, Yucca, Suffering Jukebox
The Soft Boys, Old Pervert, Underwater Moonlight, Matador
Blonde Redhead, I Don’t Want U, S/T, Smells Like
David Bowie, Subterraneans, Low, Ryko
Fred Frith, Incoming, Accidental, ReR
Korperschwache, The Golden Hammer, Split, Inam
Benge, Tame/Rude Image, Meme Tunes, Expanding
Tumul, Twin Flames, Writing in Tongues, Carbon
United Waters, Different Heavens, Your First Ever River, Arbitrary Signs
Marion Brown, La Placita, Live in Japan, DIW
Art Ensemble of Chicago, Till Autumn, Sirius Calling, Pi
Claudia Quintet, Opening the Window, What is the Beautiful?, Cuneiform
Clams Casino, I’m Official, Instrumentals, Type


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