Kwisatz Haderach

I’ve been remiss about updating because I’ve moved!  In a different town, but still traveling on roads (and airways).


The Jam, Here Comes the Weekend, This is the Modern World, Polydor
The Kinks, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Greatest Hits!, Reprise
Walker Brothers, The Electrician, Nite Flights, Sony
Wu Lyf, Such a Sad Puppy Dog, Go Tell Fire on the Mountain, Lyf
Ultra Vivid Scene, Walkin’ After Midnight, She Screamed (12″), 4ad
Adrian Belew, She is Not Dead, Twang Bar King, Island
Staccato du Mal, Happy Endings, Sin Destino, Wierd
Don Dietrich, Untitled (long), Spitfire, What the ?
Legendary Pink Dots, Rattelsnake Arena, Island of Jewels, Bias
Wilco, Art of Almost, The Whole Love, Anti
White Hills, The Condition of Nothing, h-p1, Thrill Jockey
Düngen, Det du Tänker Är I Morgon, Ta Det Lugnt, Kemado
Dogbowl, Transplant Her Slowly, Fantastic Carburetor Man, Eyeball Planet
Washed Out, You and I, Within and Without, Sub Pop
Ladytron, Ninety Degrees, Gravity the Seducer, Nonesuch
Ladytron, Mu-tron, 604, Emperor Norton
Belong, Same Places (slow version), Same Places, Table of the Elements
Cave, This is the Best, Neverendless, Drag City
Painted Palms, Water Hymn, Canopy, Secretly Canadian
Balam Acab, Await, Wander/Wonder, Tri Angle
Sun Araw, Crete, Ancient Romans, Sun Ark


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