Ransacked Corn Pantry

Down in the basement
Brooding for dark oddities
In a welcome storm

(bezoar stone and chick w/four legs)


Happy Mondays, 24 Hour Party People, Squirrel and G-Man…, Factory
bis, Robotic (Adult. Remix), Plastique Nouveau, Spinart
Xeno & Oaklander, Zurück, Vigils, Wierd
Cold Cave, The Trees Grew Emotions & Died, Love Comes Close, Matador
Staccato du Mal, Sol Baila Sola, Sin Destino, Wierd
Epee du Bois, Tracking Shot, Wierd Comp. (2011), Wierd
13th Floor Elevators, Slip inside the House, Easter Everywhere, Collectibles
Ponytail, Music Tunes, Do Whatever you want to All the Time, We are Free
Buffalo Daughter, Sky High & Down Sea (remix), WXBD, Grand Royale
Jookabox, The Eyes of a Fly, The Eyes of a Fly, Asthmatic Kitty
(etre), Are you here to stay? (for Ives Bonnefoy), Inferno from my Occult Diary, Porter
hudpucker, Mighty Fly, 4umjz, hud
Mark Kirschenmann, Creatures, Beings and Organisms, This Bionic Trumpet, Block M
Pole, Fremd, (blue), Matador
Laurel Halo, Head, Hour Logic, Hippos in Tanks
Matta Llama, Relapsed Heretic, The Witch Channel, Black Dirt
Nels Cline Singers, Lowered Boom, Instrumentals, Cryptogramophone
Bruce Haack, Word Game, Electric Lucifer, Omni
Big Star, Kizza Me, Third/Sister Lovers, Ryko
Brilliant Colors, How Much Younger, Again and Again, Slumberland
Bobby, It’s Dead Outside, S/T, Partisan
Her Space Holiday, Home is where you hang yourself, Home is where you hang yourself, Tiger Style
Teddybears, Wolfman, Devil’s Music, Atlantic
Ear Pwr, Geodes, S/T, Carpark
Amon Tobin, Kitty Cat, Isam, Ninja Tune
Crystal Stilts, Prometheus at Large, In Love with Oblivion, Slumberland


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