herve villechaize had metamorphosing rhino balls


Dead Milkmen, Instant Club Hit, Death Rides a Pale Cow,
Nurse with Wound, (I don’t want to have) easy listening nightmares, Alice the Goon, United Dairies
Chris & Cosey, Deep Velvet, Trust, Nettwerk
Cave, Requiem for John Sex, Psychic Psummer, Important
The Velvet Underground, Chelsea Girls, S/T, Polydor
Circle, Ydinaukio, Forest, No Quarter
Einsturzende Neubauten, Tanz Debil, Strategein Gegen Architeckturen, Mute
Anthony Braxton, N—M488—44M, Three Compositions, Delmark
Battles, Tonto, Mirrored, Warp
Elfpower, When the Red King Comes, When the Red King Comes, Elephant 6
Nurse with Wound, I am the Poison, Funeral Music for Perez Prado, United Dairies
Gandalf, Scarlet Ribbons, S/T, Sundazed
Circulatory System, Overjoyed, Signal Morning, Cloud Recordings
Biosphere, Sendai-I, N-plants, Touch
So Percussion, Go, Amid the Noise, Cantaloupe
Com Truise, Cathode Girls, Galactic Melt, Ghostly
Speedranch Jankynoise, Herve Villechaize had Metamorphosing Rhino Balls, Migrate, Planet Mu
Tune-Yards, Sunlight, Bird-Brains, 4ad
Jack Curtis Dubowsky III Ensemble, Lazy Eye, S/T, De Stijl Music
Portishead, Wandering Star, Dummy, Go! Discs
Ritualistic School of Errors, Leaking Fancy Fanny, Ladies Laugh, Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First-Rate Ladies, Resipiscent
Cluster & Eno, Steinsame, S/T, Gyroscope
Speshul Ed, ArtiPharti Collage


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