a mug full of steaming shopoholic

I love shows like these…


Ringo Deathstarr, Tambourine Girl, S/T, Sonic Unyon
Squabteen, Roscoe’s Dark Past, Dance America, Chromosome57
Comoros, White Flower, 1, White Flower, Fedora Corpse
hudpucker, Drone/Creepy, S/T,
Morris/Riggs/Hall, Glass Key-B, Glass Key,
Sonic Youth, Loop Cat, The Destroyed Room, Geffen
Drone Forest, Metacollage, Amy’s Arms/Metacollage, Vuzhmusic
Chris Watson & Z’ev, East African Nocturne, S/T, Atavistic
Coil, Box Theme/No New World, The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser, Solar Lodge
John Cale, Dream Interpretation, Inside the Dream Syndicate, Vol II, Table of the Elements
Halo, Contortion/Suspension, Degree Zero Point of Implosion, With Intent
Kaiser/Noyes/Walter, Oh, Bomb!, Ninja Star Danger Rock, UGexplode
Rat Catching, Yellow Bird, Rat Catching, Fedora Corpse
Pink Floyd, Absolutely Curtains, Obscured by Clouds, Capitol
John Cage, First Construction (in metal), Three Constructions,
Little Bang Theory, Toy Suite #2, Toy Suites and Themes, Transmogrification


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