He said his name was Chainsaw Roofmouth

Noise show!!!

Artist Track Album
Göte Caspar was a black magus Göte
Psychedelic Horseshit Laced Laced
Knotted Cord And Yet Moth-Shaped Flame
Colin Stetson Red Horse (Judges II) New History Warfare Vol. II: Judges
Xinlisupreme Count Down Murder License
Negativland Methods of Torture Escape From Noise
Kaiser/Noyes/Walter The Age of Assassins Ninja Star Death Rock
Coil His Body was a Playground for the Nazi Elite Unnatural History
Venetian Snares Viva Las Vegas Making Orange Things
Carly Ptak Decide, Design, Determine Both
Vas Deferens Organization & Brad Laner Last Few Days in the Land of Happy Dreams Transcontinental Conspiracy
The North Sea Bloodlines Bloodlines
Shaking Ray Levis Princess Warrior Bendy Boss Witch
Yasunao Tone Wounded Man yo#36-7 S/T
People Like Us/Ergo Phizmiz Funeral March for Jim Perpetuum Mobile
Ponytail Beyondersville/Flight of Fancy Do Whatever You Want All the Time
Dan Deacon Paddling Ghost Bromst
Volcano the Bear Mung The Inhazer Decline
The User +}}}}}}}}}}}}}}_______}}}}- Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers
Zbigniew Karkowski Doing by Not Doing Iannis Xenakis: Persepolis Remixes
Killer Bug Dream Whip Beyond the Valley of the Tapes
Hair Police Strict Certainty of Swarms
Ween Mushroom Festival in Hell God Ween Satan
Cold Cave Burning Sage Cherish the Light Years
Tim Hecker Borderlands An Imaginary Country


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