But it’s every day.

My trip to NYC coincided with Record Store Day.

I ended up waiting just a hair over an hour in line at Other Music (one of my favorite places to feed my vice), flanked by hipsters and road construction and dudes with near-Forest mustaches taking pictures of said hipsters for this compendium.

The dude in front of me turned into the dude and two of his line-cutting friends. The line snaked around the block when I arrived. It wasn’t like I was waiting to peruse Genesis P. Orridge’s vast library of TG/Coum memorabilia for my future musicology dissertation. All I wanted was to buy some music. And not the special this-day-only music either.

Once in the store I felt rushed and crowded. I didn’t get the two import Moondog 10″ I had ogled over. Casualties of the Autechre singles box.

The atmosphere of haste was probably a good thing, in that I stayed within my allotted budget. Still, I wish I walked out with this.

There is always a tomorrow. Just not always in New York.


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