Segue Bacon


Artist Song Album Label
Swimsuit Heart Love Dolphins 7” Lifelike
Colin Stetson Judges New History Warfare vol. 2: Judges Constellation
Margaret Cho Your Dick Cho Dependent Clownery
Spoek Mathambo Control Mshini Wam BBE
Stereolab Silver Sands Not Music Duophonic
Lali Puna Superlotado Tridecoder Darla
Windy & Carl Forever Songs for the Broken Hearted Kranky
Emeralds Double Helix Does it Look Like I’m Here?
Pink Floyd Childhood’s End Obscured by Clouds Harvest
Orbital Are We Here? Work: 1989-2002 London/FFRR
Squarepusher Beep Street Hard Normal Daddy Warp
Hank & Slim Where Dust Settles The World Turned Gingham Caciovello
Darin Gray & Loren Connors Part 5 The Lost Mariner Family Vineyard
Evolution Control Committee Jewish People Double the Phat and Still Tasteless Eerie Materials
John Schnall My Yiddisha Monster Midnight Matinee WFMU
Eyvind Kang Andegavenses Athlantis Ipecac
Forced Collapse B.1 Consider the Weather a Failure Holy Cheever Church
Serge Gainsbourg 69 Annee Erotique De Serge Gainsbourg a Gainsbarre Philips
Jean Claude Vannier L’enfant au Royaume des Mouches L’enfant Assassin des Mouches B-Music
La Rallizes Denudes & Yellow Natniz Rallizes House Session at Fussa IJR
Evelyn Glennie Sorbet no.2 Chinese Cymbals Drumming Catalyst
Etre To provoke a Fire Beyond your Shutters Inferno From My Occult Diary Porter
Dustin O’Halloran We Move Lightly Lumiere Fatcat
Slowdive Avalyn I Slowdive EP Creation
Music for the Film Drinking with Kirk How the West was Once
Stereolab Enivrez-vous Peng Too Pure
Grouper Traveling through a Sea Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill Type
Matthew Dear Soil to Seed Black City Ghostly

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